We almost postponed for better weather. I’m glad we didn’t.

Of course given the shared history Chris and I have with Richard and Maureen as fellow UBC REC alumni, that they would be up for anything should have come as no surprise. With a car full of REC-ers we left slushy Vancouver and headed for the winter wonderland (read: blizzard) that was Campbell Valley Regional Park in Langley. Despite losing a few toes to the cold Richard and Maureen were champs. They were terrific in front of the camera and a ton of fun to be around. You can easily see what makes them great together and how in love they are. I’m really looking forward to photographing their wedding in the fall!

The photos below are a mix of Chris’s and mine. Chris was co-photographer extraordinaire on this shoot and he killed it, as always.

Stitched Panorama Richard_Maureen_Blog-2_3 Richard_Maureen_Blog-4_5 Richard_Maureen_Blog-6_7 Richard_Maureen_Blog-8_9 Stitched Panorama Richard_Maureen_Blog-12 Richard_Maureen_Blog-13 Richard_Maureen_Blog-14 Richard_Maureen_Blog-15_16 Richard_Maureen_Blog-17_18 Richard_Maureen_Blog-19_20 Richard_Maureen_Blog-21 Richard_Maureen_Blog-22


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