Hitting the street

May 4, 2014 — jcurran

I was able to get out and shoot a bit of personal work today. It was much needed after a stretch shooting almost exclusively for clients. It is always good to go and shoot photos for no other reason than to go out and shoot.

Jon and I walked around the Chinatown and Gastown areas for a few hours. As I walked I was looking for some images with a different look. Aside from some contrast etc in photoshop, the colours and reflections were all achieved in camera. What do you think?

StreetWithJon-1 StreetWithJon-2 StreetWithJon-3 StreetWithJon-4_5 StreetWithJon-6 StreetWithJon-7 StreetWithJon-8_9 StreetWithJon-10 StreetWithJon-11 StreetWithJon-12

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