Goin’ on a bear hunt. Goin’ on a bear hunt.
I’m not afraid.
Oh, Oh. What do I see?
Oh look! It’s a real tall mountain!
Can’t go through it. Can’t go through it.
Can’t go under it. Can’t go under it.
Can’t go around it. Can’t go around it.
Got to go over it.

Blog_GaribaldiLakeHike-1_2This look-out spot was phenomenal.Blog_GaribaldiLakeHike-3Blog_GaribaldiLakeHike-4_7Blog_GaribaldiLakeHike-6_5Blog_GaribaldiLakeHike-9_10Blog_GaribaldiLakeHike-11Blog_GaribaldiLakeHike-12Blog_GaribaldiLakeHike-13   Some natural light leaksBlog_GaribaldiLakeHike-14Blog_GaribaldiLakeHike-15Blog_GaribaldiLakeHike-16Blog_GaribaldiLakeHike-17_18 In-camera panorama glitches.Blog_GaribaldiLakeHike-18Blog_GaribaldiLakeHike-20_22Blog_GaribaldiLakeHike-21Blog_GaribaldiLakeHike-23Blog_GaribaldiLakeHike-24Blog_GaribaldiLakeHike-25

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